My background

Hi. My name is Artem. I'm 29 and I'm ukrainian. I like IT and all the time try to update my skills in this sphere. I work in two specialisations. The first one is web development. It's very interesting for me create some product, find right way in difficult tasks and use modern web technologies. The second one is quality assurance. I can create automation tests, find bugs in functions web pages, or verify usability, load/stress testing, regression, unit testing etc. Follow HERE you find link on my github account where you find part of my work in code.
Below you can read about my work exprerience in details.

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State statistic department
Working in the informatization department in the State Statistic Department in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Working with statistic software, databases, SQL queries, web applications. Making scripts in foxpro databases environment and analizing output data. Participating in web conferences, meetings and discussions with the all ukrainian stat. departments.
Web Designer
Making web page for medical regional organization "Medgal", web page for video studio "Proline media", online store "Suvenirland" - souvenirs for sale. Learning in PHP5 and working with programming enviroment - PHP Storm, Powershell scripting, designing and programming in html/css/javascript.
SoftServe IT Academy
Learning Object-oriented programming, theory software testing, basics in JAVA. Working in Java development environment IntelliJ IDEA, writing tests and verifing functions of web applications, work with the team in SCRUM technology and was in Scrum master role. All works was organizing in bug-tracker - Jira, working with tests documentation like Test Plan, Test Design, Test Case, Bug Report, User Story etc., making four Demo presentations for SoftServe employees. Building own test framework for testing wabpage, using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and JUnit, Cucumber.
Web developer, QA Engineer
Working with small team of freelancers and making front-end development with the help of javascript. Using populare web frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, GreenSock, JQuery, Googlemap and Youtube API. Making adaptive design or mobile version for pages. Built projects with the help of Gulp, Bower and pre-processor SASS. Making unit tests, functional tests and writing automation tests for regretion testing. working with testing documentation. Learning php, integrating project in cms like Wordpress for administration resource. Update my programming/testing skills all the time, using official documentaion, technical articles and audio podcasts. Making my own portfolio page.